François Fillon : un carnet d’adresses qui vaut de l’or

The consulting firm of the former Prime Minister organized for $ 50,000 the meeting of a Lebanese billionaire with the CEO of Total, and Putin.

“Let’s get to my consulting firm. I exercised this activity legally from 2012 to 2016. […] The list of my clients does not include any Russian companies, neither the Russian government nor any organization in this country and all the conferences I have given in Russia have been free of charge. On Monday, February 6, the candidate François Fillon defended himself vigorously against the bad trials which, according to him, are made to him.
But the Duck chained decidedly does not let go its prey. And the revelation of the day in its edition dated Wednesday, March 22 is still a little more fragile the image of François Fillon, already quite damaged. According to the weekly, François Fillon received 50,000 euros on behalf of his company 2F Conseil to organize in 2015 in Saint Petersburg a meeting between his client Fouad Makhzoumi, which owns an infrastructure company in the oil field, Patrick Pouyanné , The CEO of Total and … Vladimir Putin.
The weekly reminds that Patrick Pouyanné was formerly the director of cabinet of François Fillon when he was minister delegate of the Posts, the Telecommunications and the Space.
Certainly, the Russian government, as the CEO of Total are not then customers of 2F Board. Putin and Pouyanné appear here as the merchandise provided by the former Prime Minister. But Francois Fillon has indeed monetized his relationship with the head of the Russian State. A legal activity? This is what the candidate strongly asserts. But a dangerous mixture of genres for which aspires to serve the State and incarnate France.
Dangerous Liaisons

Wednesday morning, Le Monde added new elements to this information of the Duck. The daily also had access to the contract of lobbying signed between 2F Conseil and Fouad Makhzoumi. It is, “writes Le Monde,” accompanied by an unambiguous object, which contrasts with the mission of general interest and neutrality assigned to the elected representatives of the Republic: to exploit for commercial purposes the address book of The former Prime Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy ”
The daily reminds mainly the pedigree of the Lebanese entrepreneur. He was involved in a corruption scandal in Britain, having recruited in the 1980s a conservative elected Jonathan Aitken, who became John Major’s defense minister. Forced to resign in 1995, he was sentenced to prison for “perjury” in 1999. And Le Monde recalled that François Fillon went to Beirut to meet Eastern Christians in December 2014, invited by Rich customer.
Finally, among the many offshore companies opened by Fouad Makhzoumi, one of them attracts particular attention. She is a resident of Panama and is co-chaired by the Lebanese billionaire and two relatives of the Bashar al-Assad regime. “Salim Hassan, close to Hafez al-Assad, Bashar al-Assad’s father and Khaled Hboubati, a Syrian entrepreneur who remained close to The current Syrian president, “according to Le Monde.
“False and False Uses” In the other case that poisons Fillon, the Penelopegate, Le Canard enchaîné and Le Monde give us news of the investigation. According to the Wednesday weekly, the investigators suspect the spouses of having fabricated fakes. They got hold of a statement that Penelope only worked for 30 hours at the Revue des deux mondes. Which was hired to perform 151 hours. As a parliamentary assistant, Penelope Fillon was already supposed to work 151 hours with her husband. The two jobs would therefore have exceeded the maximum authorized by the Assembly (180 hours).
Le Monde also reveals that the two spouses are now under investigation for false and false use and aggravated scam. According to the newspaper, in addition to the false statement mentioned by Le Canard, the investigators seized “sheets, signed by Penelope Fillon, [which] included various calculations of hours worked”. Documents they suspect were made by the two spouses a posteriori.
“All the documents, without exception, that were transmitted to the court or seized by it are strictly authentic documents,” said the lawyer of the couple Fillon, Pierre Cornut-Gentille, in a statement. “The alleged facticity of the documents has by no means been attested” and “it is pure rumors”, denounced the lawyer, who deplores “a new violation of the secrecy of the investigation”.

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