Thousands of voters received two electoral cards


Inspectorate of Administration, up to 500,000 voters could be registered on two electoral lists. The President of the IDU questioned the Minister of the Interior about these dysfunctions, signaling a “democratic risk”.

In one week, more than 45 million French will go to the polling stations to deposit their ballots in the ballot box. But could some of them vote twice?Legally not. French legislation provides for a sentence of six months to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros for any person who votes twice.Yet according to information from the World , several thousand French people would have received two electoral cards a few days before the election.

“Dishonored voters can vote twice, and there is a real risk of electoral fraud. It is all the more noticeable that this year the result looks very, very close »

IDU President Jean-Christophe Lagardecalled on Interior Minister Matthias Fekl to discuss these problems. “Whether it is neglect or voluntary action, and although it is difficult to assess their importance, these anomalies could constitute a democratic risk in the run-up to an election that is so decisive for the future of our Countries and our fellow citizens, “he wrote in a letter. “I want the minister to do his job and settle this situation by April 23”, the first round of the presidential, said Lagarde to Saturday’s Parisian , suggesting “an audit”.

Baptiste, 22, registered in December on the electoral rolls of the 17th arrondissement of Paris. A few weeks ago, he received his electoral map at home, but his parents, who live in a small village of 7,000 inhabitants in Mayenne, also received a card for him. “I called the mayor of the 17th arrondissement twice. Once I registered, and again after my parents received the card, each time I was confirmed that I was registered on the electoral rolls, “he told Le Figaro .

Why was he not removed from the electoral rolls of his former commune? “In the commune of my parents, they were the first to be surprised. They told me that not all town halls have the same management software. For example, they can not register online, “says the young man. He was not the only one to testify on the social networks of this error. Some have even expressed concern and are wondering how this can happen, says France Info in its article.

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